Our beliefs lead to the establishment of Green Arabia, as a CSR initiative.
Green Arabia’s journey began in 1987, when M.A.H.Y Khoory Group wanted to revolutionize the waste paper industry by deciding to bring paper recycling to the GCC through Union Paper Mills. For the last 3 decades, we have been working with large businesses and manufacturing plants to manage and recycle their paper, cardboard and food waste.


Whether your’e a family or a business, disposing waste in the right way is crucial for the community and the environment. As we stand today, UAE has the highest waste per capita in the world. It’s our responsibility to mitigate this issue as soon as we can and keep our environment healthy.

We provide end-to-end solutions to manage this waste through a unique combination of integrated environmental solutions, all designed to make your life simple. These solutions are best suited for SMEs as well as large corporations. Our services also extend to thorough recycling.

Help Recycle. Get Rewarded

Step forward and help safeguard the environment by collaborating with Green Arabia. Sell any type of waste like plastics, general waste, food waste or documents to us and we can ensure 100% recycling of your waste.

Sell your waste now, Go Green Arabia!


We provide end-to-end solutions to manage waste by developing a unique combination of integrated environmental solutions, all designed to make your life simple. Our clients look to us for a full menu of ways to achieve sustainability without sacrificing profitability.

With collection points all across the UAE, we have a large team that coordinates the collection of all types of recyclable waste from businesses, homes and public spaces. We also offer consultancy services to develop waste management strategies. Disposing of waste in an environmentally-friendly manner is crucial to your business. Our experts will assess your waste streams and develop the right recycling and disposal solution for you.